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To develop through every class the confidence, technical ability and creativity of each individual so they can work at their best, perform at their best and be their best, now and in the future.

Project Performing Arts is committed to the belief that creativity is in every person. 


Project PA is informed by research* unlocking the ways that creativity can be taught and indicating that communication, collaboration and critical reflection capabilities must first be developed to productively harness creativity.

In a time where the pace of technological change and economic instability make employment insecurity a world wide experience, arts training has never been more valuable: provided it explicitly teaches the transferable ‘4C’ skills employers are seeking in every employee.

Performing artists know these capabilities as training their expressive skills to the highest level (Communication), working reliably and productively with others (Collaboration), knowing they always have to keep improving (Critical Reflection) and constantly seeking to add their own style or touch to the work they do or create (Creativity).

Project PA hires industry tutors that live these capabilities, and works with its diverse faculty to develop the skills and teaching ‘know-how’ to link their performing arts expertise with the deeper learning the arts can offer. When students learn these capabilities they are truly set up for success in whatever field or endeavour they choose in life.


Thought leaders and researchers in creativity and learning include: *Robert J Sternberg, Keith Sawyer, Michael Anderson.

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